Eylid Ptosis or Blepharoptosis

 Eyelid Ptosis or blepharoptosis is a pathological condition in which one or both eyelids are located lower than their usual level causing visual disturb occasionally. It can be congenital or acquired, neurogenic, myogenic, traumatic or mechanical.  Depending on the nature and the extent of the ptosis, many techniques can be used to solve it, such as muscle or aponeurosis shortening and plication for the mild and moderate ptosis or fascia sling use in cases of poor levator function for severe ptosis.

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The operation is usually carried under local anesthesia and the patient won’t be hospitalized. The incision is done in such level that will not be visible; the healing of the area is excellent ether way. The skin, muscle and fat excess is removed. After that the asymmetry of the eyelids is corrected using the most appropriate technique for the case. The skin is then sutured with very fine sutures. If the ptosis concerns one eye it is mandatory to proceed to simple blepharoplasty to the other eyelid for cosmetic reasons.


With the operation completed, the patient will be able to return home. For the full convalescence 10-15 days are needed, the time for the swelling and hematomas to reabsorb. In order to minimize them we encourage the patients to use ice in the eyelids during the first day of surgery. Ophthalmic ointments will prevent eyes from drying, and the head must be kept elevated. Post operative sensitivity and drip are expected for 2-3 days. The stitches will be removed 5-7days after the operation and for a month the patient must refrain from intensive activity, swimming and brisk head movements.