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Antiaging-Face and Neck Wrincles

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Botox is the most popular treatment for wrinkles of expression of the face, neck, glabellar lines and the "crow's feet." It’s an injectable drug used to reduce the unintended function of certain muscles of the face and neck that create the expression lines, called wrinkles. By inactivating the muscles, wrinkles are smoothed, starting from 3 to 4 days and disappear after the 10th day. The proper use of this medication by a Plastic Surgeon specialist prevents the unfortunate results of the treatment such as frozen face. For the application, a tiny needle is used and the whole process lasts about 10 minutes. The treatment is very popular with all ages. 

We must be a concern when we hear a very cheap price for this treatment, as the original material is quite expensive. Very low rates of treatment with botox mean very cheap material, probably of Chinese origin, which has nothing to do with Botox ©, or using a small amount of original medicine, whose outcome will have a much shorter duration than the proper dose. Needless to say that any medical act must be done strictly by physicians specialized in the field, which for the aesthetic cases is only the Plastic Surgeon.

botox in greece,cheap botox,low cost aestheticsbotox in greece,cheap botox,low cost aesthetics



Botox is used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The annoying problem is solved in 10 minutes by applying both the armpits and palms or soles. The application of the drug in areas of interest causes the inactivation of sweat glands for about 6 months. This means that a visit to your doctor twice a year is enough to prevent unpleasant situations that arise from the excessive functioning of these glands, and spare us the smell of the feet, hand sweating causing embarrassing handshakes and the unsightly sweat prints clothes in the axillary region. Many patients solve their problem by visiting only a year before the summer where sweating is more pronounced.