Liposuction e Liposculpture

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Liposuction a relatively fast and simple procedure that applies to almost every part of the body characterized by fatty deposits. Problems detected around the knees, “love handles”, belly, but also around more sensitive areas such as the neck can be safely and quickly resolved. Fatty deposits whose volume does not diminish no matter how exhausting the diet we follow, are the primary target of liposuction. Needless to say that liposuction is not a weight loss method but a technique aimed to supplement the diet, carve the body contour and relieve us from the exceeding fat that gathers at deposits where it can not be easily removed.

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To obtain full analgesia, general narcosis or local anesthesia combined with sedation is required. The incisions are very small ranging from ½ to 1 cm, and are usually hidden in skin drapes. Using special cannulas

of various sizes, depending on the area   where the fatty deposits are, initially the fat is undermined and then sucked. The total fat volume that can be removed in a single operation is 2,5lt. ; this quantity allows us to proceed in extensive liposuctions. Pressure bandages will be applied, in order to prevent the formation of hematomas, swelling and seromas.

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In case the operation was carried under local anesthesia and sedation, the patient can exit the hospital the very same afternoon. In the case of general anesthesia he/she shall remain in hospital for at least 24 hours. The pain is not considerable and it is controlled by common pain killers. After the removal of the bandages, the patient shall wear special medical corsets for 3-4 weeks. After the first 2-3 days of surgery, there is almost no limitation to mobility and the return to every day routine is immediate. With the corset removal all limitations cease to exist, allowing thus patients to perform even intense physical activity.