Alopecia Surgery is aimed at patients with androgen, and some with post-traumatic or methotreated alopecia. It provides impressive results but requires patient patience and frequent visits to the clinic. It takes place in two surgical periods of approximately 3 months, depending on the problem we have to deal with.


In the first surgical time, under general sedation, 2 or 3 skin dilatators are placed on the healthy part of the scalp. After wound healing begins the weekly stretch of the scalp. The patient should visit his physician who, by means of a subcutaneous valve, fills with the saline boosters. Gradually with the stretch, an excess of skin is created which will serve in the second surgical time to fill the void resulting from the excision of the hairless skin.


The two surgical times, the weekly visits to the clinic and the 3 months that are needed to complete the treatment make this method address to determined and patient patients who will be rewarded with a perfectly natural and permanent result that no other method is not able to offer. Possible complications, such as foreign body contamination, which may lead to discontinuation of treatment, are avoided using antibiotics during the first postoperative days.