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The eyes are the most important element of the face and the first thing to notice in a face. As time passes, aging signs become more obvious: black circles, malar bags, tear trough deformity, blepharoptosis, brow ptosis, and crow’s feet. Eyelid surgery, many times combined with frontal lift, can reconstruct the aging face and give a more juvenile appearance.

Upper Eyelids

The operation is usually carried under local anesthesia and the patient is not hospitalized. The incision is done in such level that will not be visible; the healing of the area is excellent either way. The skin, muscle and fat excess is removed.. The skin is then sutured with very fine sutures. The operation lasts 1-1,5 hours

Upper and Lower Eyelids

Blepharoplasty,treatment in greece

In case that both upper and lower eyelid need some kind of reconstruction the operation is carried under local anesthesia and sedation. The same afternoon the patient can return home. The lower incision will be in the grey line so that it will not be seen. Skin, muscle and fat excess is remove, canthopexy is done and the skin is then sutured with very fine sutures. The operation lasts 2-2,5 hours.


Blepharoplasty,treatment in greeceWith the operation completed, the patient will be able to return home. For the full convalescence 10-15 days are needed, the time for the swelling and hematomas to reabsorb. In order to minimize them we encourage the patients to use ice in the eyelids during the first day of surgery. Ophthalmic ointments will prevent eyes from drying, and the head must be kept elevated. Post operative sensitivity and drip are expected for 2-3 days. The stitches will be removed 5-7days after the operation and for a month the patient must refrain from intensive activity, swimming and brisk head movements.