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As time passes, the mass of the gland swells and is replaced by fat, and the skin loses its clumsiness. All this, combined with the effect of gravity, makes the breasts “empty” and down. Breast lift in combination or not with the use of silicone inserts offers women a youthful, upright and “full” chest.


For small and medium-sized breasts and with a small drop, it is possible to combine the recovery with an increase and the whole procedure to be done through a vertical incision from the nipple to the subatural fold, and a perforation. At larger falls, the access is through the intersection, and another form of inverted T, with its horizontal portion, is hidden in the submassage. Remove the pre-designed skin section, place it in case the silicone insert is needed, and the breast is retreated. Small complexes such as hematomas and hypertrophic scars can be treated in a second time successfully.


Staying in the clinic does not exceed 24 hours. Pressure dressing is maintained for 48 hours and after removal the patient will wear a medical bra for 30 days. Sutures, when present, are removed 7 days later. Particular attention to movements takes in the first month after that, gradually the patient can return to everyday activities.