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APTOS Recovery Threads are the latest development in the field of buttock lift, the recuperation of the person without surgery but with the result that is very close to the result of a surgery. Only certified plastic surgeons from the manufacturing company can obtain and perform this treatment precisely because it is located between a non-invasive therapeutics and surgery, but without the pain, bruising and swelling that causes a surgical procedure. Our clinic is authorized and fully organized to perform such interventions on the face and body.


After examining the person to whom we will proceed, determine the number of threads to be used starting from a minimum of 10 threads. Then the design of the entrance and exit gates and the APTOS course is made. Local anesthesia is then made to make the process completely painless. Finally, once the area has been sterilized, the yarns are laid which uplift the areas to which they are applied.


Although the effect is very similar to the one of a surgical procedure, the recovery is much shorter and much softer. Swellings will last for 2 to 4 days, pain, if any, is minimal and treated with common painkillers, the relatively unlikely to form bruises, they recede very soon. The use of tights for 3 weeks is encouraged


The result is immediate and improves daily. The end result will be 15 to 30 days after application and the duration is over 1 year. The duration of the result depends on the anatomical elements of the face and the number of threads to be used.