Prophiloplasty is an operation that radically changes the outline of the face. It is a combination of classical rhinoplasty with growth or diminishing genoplasty, that is the surgery to correct the very large or very small denture. The surgery is indicated in people who are not satisfied with their profile either because their chin is not protruding enough or the opposite protrudes too much. Profiloplasty offers a solution to this problem by reforming the pillow and balancing the face.


The growth of the volume of the chin, is done through a small incision in the natural skin folds in the neck, or by incision through the oral cavity. A synthetic graft is placed in the area to give the desired shape and proper projection to the chin. The same accesses are also used for reducing the volume of the chin. From there, there is a reduction in the projection of bones and soft tissues. If needed, the procedure is supplemented with local liposuction. These interventions last from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the problem.


The pressure pad to be placed in the operating room will be maintained for 24-48 hours to avoid generating swelling and hematoma. Small swellings and hematomas likely to occur are absorbed within 15 to 40 days. During the first postoperative days, the patient should be careful with foods that should be soft, or follow an aquatic diet. Most patients return to day-to-day activities after 10 to 15 days, with only limitation of physical activity, to which they will return after 40 days