Mesotherapy with Dermapen offers deep Hydration of the skin because it contains Hyaluronic Acid wich enters the deeper skin and jaw immediate effect.

Mesotherapy will provide you with intense and deep hydration with impressive direct results. It is ideal for all ages and for the prevention of aging and consists of dehydration, relaxation, decrease in density and the negative effects of intense sun exposure. Mesotherapy is so called because it is applied to the intermediate tissue, between the epidermis and the subcutaneous. It contains hyaluronic acid and other building blocks such as vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids, salts, nucleic acids, and antioxidants. Revitalizes, moisturizes and tightens tired and loose skin and faces wrinkles. The results appear gradually from the very first session, and they are absolutely natural. The face looks relaxed, shiny and with fewer wrinkles.