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αισθητικές ιατρικές θεραπείες

The new non-invasive anti-aging treatment we provide at our clinic combines facial radiotherapy with product therapy. Our collaboration with PHYTOMERE, one of the major medical aesthetic products manufacturers, provides us with the finest materials which, combined with the vast experience of our aesthetic consultant and the contribution of the radiotherapy, provide a direct result, safety and the certainty of Plastic Surgery.

αντιγηραντικές κρέμες,αβτιρυτιδικές κρέμες

After taking your medical and dermatological history, our Aesthetic Consultant and Doctor will choose the materials that will be used during the treatment, depending on the needs of your skin. Dehydration, thin lines, dyschromias, blurred skin, open pores and skin photoaging are prevented. The first stage of the treatment is skin cleansing and its preparation for the application of radio frequencies. Once the skin has been properly prepared, the application of radio frequencies designed to prepare and the skin to receive non-injectable mesotherapy products is done.