RF ραδιοανάπλαση προσώπου, σώματος Deauty Drop
Κέντρο Αισθητικής Beauty Drop
Κέντρο Αισθητικής Beauty Drop
RF ραδιοανάπλαση προσώπου, σώματος Deauty Drop
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Radio frequency waves cause very little oscillation during contact with the human body, causing small ions to move and produce heat without electrochemical reactions. This phenomenon is called deep boiling. When we apply RF energy to the face or body, the molecules forming the body tissues begin to move, and thus friction occurs whenever the direction of the radio frequencies changes. This is why the human body produces heat through motion, twist and ion collision. Unlike other forms of radio frequency, this machine does not affect the sense nerves so that the patient does not feel uncomfortable. In addition, muscle stiffness is not induced.

The results of the application of radio frequencies:ραδιοσυχνότητα,ρυτίδες,αντιγήρανση,μη ενέσιμη

  • Anti-aging action as it improves body tissues
  • Facilitates the movement of lymph and blood circulation while improving metabolism
  • Improves the defense of the body
  •  Delivers the body through natural fat burning
  • Removes active oxygen and controls the balance of hormones in the body
  • Activates skin cells, improves the look of wrinkles
  • Relaxes the muscles and reduces the sensation of pain
  • Disinfects acne skins and reduces chronic inflammation