In recent years, technology and the evolution of thread lift technique have led more and more patients to turn to this solution. They are a means of preventing and treating the relaxation of the skin of the face and the contour but also in many areas of the body. The goal is to create a grid that will hold back the relaxation and at the same time make a recovery.


The Threads can be used in the body with great success in the area of ​​the arms of the hands for flaccidity, so as to achieve the effect of the mini lift. They are also used in the lower extremities to grip the outside but also the inner surface of the thighs as well as for the recovery of the buttocks


The application is painless and full analgesia is achieved with the use of special anesthetic cream but also ice and / or local anesthesia. The mesh design is made, and the number and size of the threads that will be needed are determined. The stunning and positioning of the yarns in the pre-designed positions is followed. Local anesthesia may also occur in a few cases.


A part of the result is visible immediately, but to see the big difference we have to wait at least 15 days and the final result is after 1 month. Its duration may exceed 1-1.5 years if the application protocol is observed as determined at the beginning of the treatment.