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Υαλουρονικό Όγκος Ζυγωματικά
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Υαλουρονικό Όγκος Ζυγωματικά
πινοπλαστική με Υαλουρονικό
πινοπλαστική με Υαλουρονικό
Περίγραμμα Προσώπου Νήματα και Υαλουρονικό Οξύ
υαλουρονικο ογκος ζυγωματικα
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We use fillers to increase the projection of the cheekbone. It may have lost volume due to age or construction of the frame is such that visibility is low to nonexistent. Using Hyaluronic acid in this area, can enhance cheekbones and create the right angles to the face. The results are lasting more than 1 year.

Injections of hyaluronic acid are used in plastic surgery to “fill” wrinkles. It is a natural component of our body and binds water molecules providing the skin with moisture, volume and firmness. Over the years, both overall quantity and production decreases. With this treatment we can restore the deficit, fill the wrinkles and regain the lost volume. Each session lasts no more than 15 minutes. The treatment is applied with a special syringe that has very fine needle to reduce pain, to obtain greater precision in the application. The products we use are of Swiss origin, the most modern and safe, so there are no side effects of hyaluronic acid. The effects last from 12 to 24 months and are noticeable immediately. Patients can return to their daily work without any problems. The side effects are rare and most common is to create a small hematoma (bruise) that is absorbed quickly. Other complications previously more common such as granulomas, have been reduced by using newer products. Therefore be mindful when you hear of very low cost as the best materials are quite expensive. Very low rates of treatment with hyaluronic acid mean use of a very cheap material, which has more side effects, or use of a small amount of quality material whose outcome will have a much shorter duration than what is promised. Needless to say that any medical act must be done strictly by physicians specialized in the field, which for the aesthetic cases is only the Plastic Surgeon.