Excessive breasts, apart from aesthetic problem, may also be social (patients with giant ones who do not find clothes) and functional as their weight can cause back pain. Another case where this technique applies is in patients with massive weight loss, in combination with abdominoplasty. The combination of these two interventions brings a dramatic change to the best in the overall outline of the body.


There are a number of techniques to reduce and lift the breasts. The best aesthetic results, with the fewest complications, we have with the technique of the bottom flap. The incision is inverted T-shaped from the nipple to the underworld, and is accompanied by a perforation. Remove the pre-designed skin-fat segment so that we reach the desired breast size. The breast is re-trapped, drains and pressure puncture are placed.


Staying in the clinic does not exceed 24 hours. Pressure dressing and drains are kept for 48 hours, and after removal, the patient wears a medical bra for 30 days. Sutures, when present, are removed 7 days later. Complications such as traumatic microdispersions and hematoma or fluid build up are treated conservatively, and if hypertrophic scars occur, they are treated in a second year. Particular attention to movements is needed in the first month after shrinkage-recovery, and then the patient can gradually return to everyday activities.